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No idea if this is a viable idea (for the skin deep comic) or not…

The Trader

Appearance: Some describe him as an old man in a cloak with a shadowy face. Others describe him a hole were the memory should be. Presumed to be male.

Species: Unknown, wish granting entity.

Detail: Under the streets of an Avalon, an odd creature is rumoured to live, one of great power who will much to offer to those who are willing to pay the price. He often asks for a treasured possession as part payment, that or a favour to be specified at a later date. Rumour abound about what happens to those who break his contracts, some have their voices stolen, other disappear overnight. The extent of his power is uncertain but some say he can repair medallions and even craft new ones. However many are reluctant to approach him as legends say his kind prefers to deals in souls...

Optional information: For a wish granting, seemingly demonic entity he is a reasonable nice guy, he just has a bit of learning to do about morality and social interaction. If living in the L.A he has an agreement with Madam U regarding the selling of magic items. He can change his appearance but only in the dark. He cannot change his voice, which soundly like several people talking, both male and female, unless he takes a person’s voice for defaulting on a contract. His voice can change mid sentence or even mid word.

The trader’s kind are bound by rules, that they may be unable to break, but have found many loopholes. One such rule is that he cannot enter a property that the owner has lived in, but this protection disappears if they owner does not visit and sleep in the property at least once a year. They can enter abandoned buildings and public buildings at will.

Character design: Close I image would feel like staring down a giant spider in its lair. Although he would appear average sized his 'presence' extends to fill whatever room he is in.

Note to Kory: The Traders level of power/ability is up for you to decide, too much and starts warping the story, too little and there is no good reason people would brave his 'lair' with requests.