Skin Deep Wiki

It seems like some people are confused on the timeline of events that take place in Skin Deep. Here are all the stories in Skin Deep, in chronological order.

Fiddler's Cave - Fall 2000

Exchanges - August 2004

Orientations - Late August–Early September 2004

Nixie Spit - September 2004

Kill Them with Kindness - Late August 2004

Reunion - Late August 2004 (Later the same day as "Kill Them with Kindness")

The One-Eyed Bear - Halloween 2004

Homecoming - November 2004

Ridiculous Creatures - Winter 2004 (perhaps early 2005)

Greetings from Dogpatch - May 2005

Illumination - June 2005

Is there anything special about the year 2004? No. Eventually, Skin Deep will have stories from many different periods, and for the timeline to work out correctly, Orientations (and by extension, Exchanges) needed to be set in a specific year. 2004 was the lucky year because 2004 was the year the decision was made.