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Samuel Harold Ainesborough (aka "Sam Hain," pronounced "Sah-when") is supposedly an unturned Reverse Gryphon. His brother is Dermot Ainesborough . His family are reverse gryphons but his mother is human so he was naturally born human. When he got his medallion, however, something went wrong and he is now unable to turn, although it could be that he just takes after his mother and therefore will never be able to turn. He is learning magic from Tim so he can fix his medallion. He also waits tables at The Underground.


Sam has golden/yellow eyes which he hides behind tinted glasses and prominent canine teeth. These gryphon-esque traits may be why Sam believes he is a reverse gryphon with a faulty medallion.


  • Sam was created by Sheana Molloy.
  • Sam’s nickname references Samhain, another name for Halloween.