Originating from the myth of Hercules, the Nemean lion is a large, heraldic, maneless lion possesing super strength and an almost impenetrable hide, only capable of being pierced by the claws of another Nemean. The Lyon brothers, Lorne and Jon, are examples of Nemean lions.
Species Information

Region of Origin

Greece, specifically Nemea


Panthera leo

Physical Description

Identical to ordinary lions but are slightly larger than barburg lions and have light or no mane

Related species

They can live anywhere, they once lived in the wilderness of Nemea

Related Species

Unknown but it may be other lions like Bohemian lions

Because of their strength and near- indestructibility, Nemean Lions are required to follow the Nemean Code to protect others from possible harm, and the Avalon Elders have the power to revoke medallions if this code is broken. If a Nemean Lion refuses to swear into the Code prior to their turning, they will not be allowed to recieve a medallion, and as a result, prohibited from turning.

The medallion of species was available for purchase as a Medallion, but is currently unavailable.

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