Marshall Cortis is a Totem raven encountered by Michelle Jocasta while in the Springfield Avalon. As described by Jim Finn, Marshall looks "like a crow from Dumbo that fell into a production of Hair.[1]" That was considered a rude description.

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From the Skin Deep character page[2]: "Marshall is Eustace's best friend. He hails from a Blackfoot villiage in northern Montana and is constantly on the move around the country, focusing mostly around the less-populated Western states. Eustace lives vicariously through Marshall, preferring to hear of Marshall's adventures rather than going on any of his own."

Appearances in Skin DeepEdit


Marshall first appeared in

Orientations Part IV, Page 21[3], entering the Springfield Avalon and giving information about demons to Michelle and her friends. He mentioned seeing demons down in Arkansas prior to his appearance in the Avalon, but it is unclear whether those demons were the same demons that terrorized Michelle. Marshall and Eustace teased about Michelle being a sphinx, suggesting that if she were one they could make a lot of money by opening a show down in Branson, Missouri with her as the star, but it was unclear if Marshall was actually aware at that time that Michelle actually was a sphinx.

In Orientations Part V, Marshall tries to help Michelle escape The Bloodcarver, but is unsuccessful. He informs Jim Finn, Merial McMinnus, and Greg Tragos that he and Eustace had previously discovered that the Bloodcarver was hiding in Fiddler's Cave, and provided more information to the group about what they were up against.

Greeting from DogpatchEdit

In this arc Marshall is a main character. This is also the first time his human form has been seen in colour.[4] He previously appeared in human form only once, on a reader questions page.[5]


Totem animals are considered to be very magical creatures and seem to be able to take on many different forms without the help of medallions. Marshall has appeared in the form of a large humanoid-raven[6], a single raven[7], and a flock of ravens[8]. His feathers also seem to have magical properties, and when worn give the wearer good luck. Both Eustace and Michelle wear his feathers for this reason.