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Lorne Lyon

Lorne Lyon is a Nemean Lion who currently lives in the Liverpool Avalon. His best friend is Jim Finn; these two have been friends since before they received their medallions. His brother is Jon Lyon, who he enjoys antagonizing.


From the Skin Deep character page[1] : "Jim Finn and Lorne Lyon have been friends since the age of four, and one is rarely seen without the other. So when Jim suddenly made the announcement that he was going to America for a semester of University, Lorne was understandably surprised, upset, and deeply hurt. He understands why Jim is leaving, he just wishes Jim had told him before announcing it to everybody else."

According to the Reader Question #15 of February Reader Questions, Lorne and Jon were unturned Nemeans until Paul, Jim's brother, received his medallion and went to their school. Jon began to frequent the Finn house, and brought Lorne along with him.


Lorne appears in the Exchanges story arc. Lorne is upset that his best friend Jim is leaving for America for a semester. To cheer him up, Jim takes him to a popular restaurant to antagonize and embarrass their two brothers. At the restaurant, the reader learns that his brother Jon has broken Lorne's keyboard and he's having his friend Ike Sandford fix it. Lorne then leaves the restaurant to help his girlfriend, Leah Tanno, move giant slabs of steel for her current art project. While helping Leah, Lorne rants again about Jim leaving, to which Leah states: "It sounds like you're still dating him,[2] " implying that Jim and Lorne never really broke up. (An earlier page states they once dated.) Lorne is later seen with Ike fixing the keyboard that was previously mentioned while the two of them argue about the names of the Beatles' albums and Lorne's taste in music.


As a Nemean Lion, Lorne has superhuman strength, which is demonstrated when he is helping Leah move giant slabs of steel. He also has impenetrable hide which can only be penetrated by Nemean claws. Apparently this has happened as Lorne exclaims to his brother Jon, "the only person here who can, and has, physically injured me is you".[3]