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Exterior view of the Liverpool Avalon
Liverpool Avalon 1.png
A view of the Drunken Satyr, one of the many popular locations within the Liverpool Avalon.

The Liverpool Avalon (Also known as the L.A) is an Avalon located in the warehouse district of Liverpool, structured on the outside to look like a mundane, if very large, storage warehouse. To allow sunlight in, but prevent an aerial view into the Avalon, the celiing has a one-way transparency, appearing as a typical roof from the outside.The main entrance to the Avalon is watched by Django Henja, while Alec Hyde guards the hallways separating the entrance and the town inside from any unwanted visitors.

People from around the world come to live and meet in this Avalon, with places of origin including Wales, Ireland, Czech Republic, and America. The town itself has been around since the middle ages, even before it became necessary for mythical creatures to go into hiding. Unlike most other Avalons, which typically consist of small meeting places or shops, the Liverpool Avalon is actually the largest Avalon in the world, resembling a small town capable of providing housing for a few hundred residents. This is accomplished through the very efficient use of most available space. Houses are narrow and multileveled, and due to the large number of winged residents, ground level entrances that might take up space are not always present. The main species in the liverpool avalon are Gryphons, nemean lions, Fauns, and Satyrs.


  • The Drunken Satyr - A large pub near one of the entrances to the Avalon (see picture at right). There is a statue fountain in front of the entrance of a wine-imbibing satyr, and it is considered good luck to toss a few coins into the satyr's wine-glass.
  • Greensleeves - A popular restaurant in the middle of Avalon, and often draws a few guests that, even in the Avalons, are a rare sight.
  • Prestor John's - Madam U's shop, selling books, antiques, and most importantly, the Medallions that allow mythical creatures to appear human.
  • The Underground - A nightclub run by Abigail Okypete and her husband Tim, often used by the various bands of the Avalon.
  • Art Gallery - Currently being used by Leah Tanno for her work titled "Chaos in Steel".
  • Aviary - A clothing store specializing in apparel for the numerous winged residents of the Liverpool Avalon.
  • Brodie's Bakery
  • Ravi's House of Eastern Curiosities
  • Queen Anne's Books
  • Ceres Food Mart
  • Stereophonic Records
  • Library
  • Infirmary
  • Elder Hall - Place of assembly for the elders governing the Avalon.
  • Carnivore Meat Market
  • Saint Francis Cathedral
  • Equestrian stables, where centaurs, satyrs, and other hoofed creatures can be shod.
  • A small school for the unturned children of the Avalon.
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