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Jub-Jub Bird
Jub jub bird.png
Rupert Burton-Fitzgerald

Region of Origin


Related Species


First (non-human) Appearance in Comic

Exchanges: Handshakes, page 7 (Rupert Burton-Fitzgerald)

The Jub-Jub Bird are eight-limbed species that are avian in nature, being closely related to the Gryphon. They come from Wonderland, and only one example, Rupert, has been shown as of yet. He is a tan-orange in color, with scaled hands and feet and two pairs of wings. The wings have black-and-white-checkered flight feathers, with long ornamental feathers growing from the ends, much like his tail, which is checkered and ornamented in the same way. His innermost pair of wings is smaller and not square-feathered, like the outermost pair of wings, though that could be because they are not yet full-grown. On his head are striped, prehensile horns, which seem to move in accordance with his emotions.

In the reader questions, Rupert's father Antoine was pictured, and seemed to follow the same anatomy.

The Jub-Jub Bird design was created by Sfé Monster.