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Jimothy "Jim" James Finn is an exchange student in Missouri State University and has become friends with Michelle, Merial, and Greg. He is also the bassist for The Ellipsis.

Jim is described by his brother as 'eccentric, homosexual' and 'cursed'.

Jim does not think of himself as gay, his past relationships suggest he may be bisexual and readers question implies he is in 'A class of his own'.

His 'curse' is apparently shared by other members of the Finn clan and consists of having odd coloured, rapidly regrowing hair and an increase in body size.

Jim is generally optimistic and friendly but can also be disorganized and lazy.

Jim is available for purchase as a Charm.


From the Orientations character page[1]: "An International student from Liverpool, England, Jim belongs to a very old and distinguished family of opinici. While not much of an expert in anything, he is the only one in the group to grow up in the mythical community, and therefore knows quite a bit more about it than they do. His unusual height and hair color are the result of a family curse, but Jim hasn't talked much about it. He shares a dorm with Greg, who unfortunately doesn't appreciate Jim's eccentricities."

From The One Eyed Bear character page[2]: "It's Jim's 20th birthday, and it is not going at all how he imagined it would. He spent hours putting his hair up, but instead of spending the evening getting drunk in a pub (his favorite pasttime unfortunately made illegal by America's drinking laws), they are instead running around in the middle of nowhere, evading demons and horse-skull monsters. He did get to punch a demon, though."

From the Exchanges character page[3]: "With three brothers and a best friend who hasn't left his side since he was four years old, Jim's never been left to his own devices for an extended period of time, and has serious doubts about being able to take care of himself without any help. This insecurity has led to a rather hasty decision to spend a semester of University in America, away from everyone he knows. This has not gone over well with his best friend Lorne, who seems to think Jim doesn't like him anymore. Jim is handling this in a very mature manner: he is ignoring it, and pretending everything is peachy."


Full Form[]

In his full, true form, Jim is a large orange/gold furred-and-feathered gryphon with a grass green mane.


Jim’s typical midform resembles a blend of his human form’s bipedalism and height, with paw-like hands, lion ears and tail, and a yellow, toothed beak. He also has wings and can fly in this form, but normally has them concealed when in public or small spaces.

Human Form[]

Jim’s human form takes the appearance of a seven foot tall light-skinned young man with long green hair stretching to his waist, normally tied into a loose ponytail.



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The One-Eyed Bear[]

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  • Flight: His wings allow him to fly, and he has sharp claws and fangs, allowing him to put up a decent fight at a pinch.

((Spoiler: Phytokinesis/phytogenesis - Jim’s green hair is pure plant matter. When severed, the loose strands transform into fauna which Jim can then manipulate))