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Ophelia Gillis, mother of Anthony Gillis and former harpy

First Appearance in Comic

Orientations: Part I, page 1 (Janice Jocasta)



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Humans are just that. They're the non-mythological creatures. However, this doesn't mean they're all ordinary. There is currently a human sorcerer named Tim living in the Liverpool Avalon. Also, some characters seem to be human at first but, unless verified, one can't be sure if they aren't just unturned.


Relationships between humans and mythological creatures[]

For the most part, humans have no idea about the population of mythological creatures. However, there are plenty of opportunities for them to intermingle.

It is common for unturned creatures to find significant others among the human population, since unless they're turned, they're basically just ordinary humans anyways.

It is also not unheard of for medallion-disguised mythological creatures to choose a human partner, although the significant other may not have been told of the other's true nature if the creature wishes to keep it a secret.

Occasionally, humanoid monsters may also find themselves with a human, especially if they happen to be a single-gender species (usually the female-only ones). Indeed, according to Tim, most (if not all) humanoid monsters may have been humans before being mutated by magic, but so far that's only a speculation by Tim.


Like most creatures in the Skin Deep universe, humans have the ability to learn magic if they wish to, though one must decide if it's worth the risks. Indeed, Tim suggests the humans lack of inherent magic makes them very vulnerable to even the slight use of it, causing permanent mutations in them. This is discussed on page 24 of the 'Heartaches' arc.

Known Humans[]