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Greg Tragos is a shy satyr, which is implied to be a bit of an oddity among his kind. Greg's grandfather was also a satyr, but he kept this a secret from his family until he gave his grandson his medallion before he died. Greg has known Merial McMinnus since high school, and it was her prodding that caused him to attend college, where he met Jim Finn and Michelle. His medallon is broken, and as a result the spell no longer disguises his goat ears. He has to keep them hidden under a hat when he is human.

He's the only member of the crew known to own a car – an old, rusted out DeSoto.

Basic Information

Full Name

Gregory Tragos


January 1st, 1985


Capra Satyr



Turning Year




Greg is the first non-human Michelle discovers after she turns. While he's generally very nice and caring toward Michelle, he became irritable towards her when she wouldn't stop complaining about her situation. He feels that she's had an ideal turning and is very fortunate to have found other non-humans so quickly, as these are things he wished had happened to him. He still appears to be very fond of Michelle, however, and is usually the first one to come to her aid (or the first one to try to help) when she is in trouble.

FIddler's Cave[]

During the events of Fiddler's Cave, 15 year old Greg tries desperately to win the affection of Merial. It is unclear if he succeeded.

The One-Eyed Bear[]

Greg succumbed to the Nightmare and was forced to live out his worst fears while the Nightmare slowly drained his life. While under the Nightmare's influence, Greg hallucinated that he had been turned back into a human, but his happiness was cut short by a pack of shadowy satyr-Gregs, who forcefully turned him back into a satyr. He was briefly possessed by the same Nightmare before Myra Reinkemeyer successfully removed her from him.


Greg seems to have the keenest hearing of the group, having heard the MoMo's approach to Merial's Cabin before anyone else.

He can also play the banjo and drive.