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Possibly reptile with avian characteristics

Physical Description

Human body, scaly skin, wings, brass talons and snakes for hair


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First Appearance in Comic

Handshakes, page 16

A humanoid with feathered wings, brass nails, skin covered in reptilian scales and snakes for hair, these medallion-less monsters are always female.There are more than three, contrary to mythology though they may be extremely rare.

Examples Edit

  • Madam U
  • The sisters Medusa, Stheno and Euryale may have existed at some point.

Physical Description Edit

Gorgons are similar to okepetian harpies as they have six limbs; two arms, two legs and feathered wings on their backs. Their talons are sharp and made of brass. Instead of hair, gorgons have living, writhing snakes growing from their heads. The type of snake determines the colour of the scales that covers a gorgon's body. Scales are darkest along the shoulders, back of the neck and on the snakes' backs but they grow paler on the gorgon's stomach, her face and beneath her arms.

Abilities Edit

They can turn their victims to stone with their gaze, provided nothing is wrong with their eyes. A blind gorgon is (relatively) harmless.

Gorgons also seem to live an incredibly long time, if not indefinitely.

The snakes on their heads also seem to share limited vision and sense of smell (by flicking their tongues in the air ), allowing even a blind Gorgon to get around relatively unhindered. The snakes also have minds of their own and will move freely. Their minds are connected to the gorgon's and they will do what she wants. Some gorgons may also be venomous but it depends on what species of serpent grows from her head.

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