Elise 3

Elise in her midform; Elise's tattoo

Elise Driver is a Pterippus (or Pegasus) currently living in the Liverpool Avalon. She hates how mythical creatures are forced to live in hiding and wants to change this but doesn't know how. She hates the way the media portrays her race and insists that Pegasus was an individual while the race is called Pterippus; she also thinks it's stupid how the Greeks believed Pegasus was born from the head of Medusa. According to Zech Smith, her current boyfriend, she keeps changing her beliefs as a month previously she was calling herself a Pegasus and got a tattoo of Medusa's head on her back for the "Pride of the Pegasi." She is a drummer for the band The Four Horsemen, but has recently refused to perform, possibly because of hatred of Jim (who she used to date) and was replaced with Blanche in a recent gig.


Elise as seen in Skin Deep has half-green, half-purple hair, with the purple hair cut short and close to her head, and the green side is long and reaches her chin. She has multiple piercings, and sports a chain that goes from her nose to her left ear. Elise wears her medallion as a choker, and it has a wide band. Her clothing consists of grey cufflinks, tattered pants, a black and red tubetop, and heeled shoes. It can be seen in the picture that Elise also has a very large tattoo of a medusa head on her back, and the snakes twist about to her front, too.