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Winged reptiles

Physical Description

All resemble large reptiles with talons, sharp teeth and skin covered in scales. Eastern dragons lack wings and have more serpent-like bodies.

Related Species

Western dragons and Eastern dragons(distantly related)

Exchanges: Part IV, page 34-35(the Bloodcarver)

First Appearance in Comic

Dragons from various cultures exist, with Western Dragons believed by many to be extinct. However, in Orientations this proved to be untrue. As of yet, only one Western dragon has been shown, but he has implied that he may not be the only living dragon specimen remaining.

Dragons are creatures of all shapes, sizes, elemental affinities - you name it. However, the dragon most people tend to think of is the Western dragon, such as The Bloodcarver, who is exceptionally large, breathes fire, and is capable of winged flight. Eastern dragons have also been mentioned, and at least one currently lives within the Liverpool Avalon, named Newton. Eastern dragons are highly magical, and are capable of flight without wings, as well as shapeshifting without the use of a medallion. It is not known if this form of transformation can replicate the storage properties of medallions as well, similar to capabilities of Totems.

Examples: The Bloodcarver

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