Half breed

Talking about Ike Sanford.

Crossbreeds/Hybrids occur when two mythological species have offspring, and instead of the offspring being the species of either the mother or the father, as is the case in Mary Finn and her brother Antoine, the offspring instead have a mixed species, displaying traits of both parents. It is known to be quite rare for this to happen, and because of this, the only example shown thus far in the comic has been Ike Sanford (a Manticore / buggane cross).

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First (non-human) Appearance in Comic

Exchanges: Handshakes: page 9, last panel (Ike Sanford)

The ability of Crossbreeds to breed is unknown, they could be fully fertile, have reduced fertility or be reproductivly sterile like many real world hybrids.

Judging by Ike Sanford's comments here it could be suggested that hybrids are seen as a unnatural, a deviation of the way things normally work.