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Per Ankh Per Ankh 12 September 2020

To Do List

A list of things I can do to help out

  1. Clear out spam pages and mark ‘em for deletion
  2. Tag all the stubs as such
  3. Apply proper character template to any main cast pages that don’t have (ex: Anthony Gillis). Mainly cuz the the basic infobox template is quite boring.
  4. Add in spoilerhide box template from Archipelago comic wiki, if possible (probably requires admin promotion? idk)
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End Times End Times 27 March 2011

The trader

No idea if this is a viable idea (for the skin deep comic) or not…

Appearance: Some describe him as an old man in a cloak with a shadowy face. Others describe him a hole were the memory should be. Presumed to be male.

Species: Unknown, wish granting entity.

Detail: Under the streets of an Avalon, an odd creature is rumoured to live, one of great power who will much to offer to those who are willing to pay the price. He often asks for a treasured possession as part payment, that or a favour to be specified at a later date. Rumour abound about what happens to those who break his contracts, some have their voices stolen, other disappear overnight. The extent of his power is uncertain but some say he can repair medallions and even craft new ones. H…

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