Dodge fight

Dodge fight!

Bar bets are contests of skill involving two participants, such contests include dodge fighting (first one touched loses) and leg wrestling. The elders allow the bar bets to happen but Nemean lions are forbidden to fight due to the damage they could cause. They are also not allowed to turn into 'real fights' due to a ban on violence.

Bar bets contain the following steps

  1. A challenger rings a bell in Abby's bar
  2. The Bar bet is then announced by Abby
  3. The challenge is acepted by the challenger (or not)
  4. The contestants meet outside, along with the watching crowd.
  5. What form the Bar bet will take is announced by Tim.
  6. The contest begins.

Happening several times a week, bar regulars often bet on these fights. Lorne suggests that Jack and David are regulars at Bar Bets.

Bar bets where first mentioned in the May 23, 2011 strip and was referred to as 'Fight Club nonsense' by Anthony.