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Eleanor, the bandersnatch

Bandersnatches, also called Frumious Bandersnatches, are an arboreal, sentient species originating from Wonderland. The term "frumious" refers to their innate ability to breath flame, an ability typically used by bandersnatches in the wild, who hunt by dropping from hanging branches onto their unsuspecting prey and burning them to death. Although able to stand on their hind legs and use their large, prehensile tails for balance, it is more common for bandersnatches to move in a quadrupedal fashion, most likely required by their somewhat ungainly body structure.

Bandersnatches typically have multicolored fur, with parts of the face, tail, legs, and belly always being white, and the remaining fur being almost any possible color.

Both males and females sport horns of varied colors and patterns, and while males typically have more horns than females, this is not always the case, with the possibility of a bandersnatch possesing as few as two horns, or as many as nine.

Females are consistently larger than their male counterparts, and sport mustaches growing from their upper lips from birth which are carefully groomed.

The only example of a frumious bandersnatch shown in the comic is Eleanor Mclean Mothersbaugh XII, a resident of the Liverpool Avalon.

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