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Gabe lights up

Angels are physically genderless beings and have no free will, having an instinct to do a certain task to which they are assigned. Not much is known about them or how varied their appearances are.

Other characters seem to thing of Gabe as male or female and seem surprised when another person has a different interpretation.

It's said that angels are 'kinda weird' and are old enough to remember the Dragon/Sphinx War. Angels, being quite long-lived if not immortal, generally live in recluse to the mythical world.

They have evolved specificity to keep demons in check. (citation needed) and according to Gabe s/he is incapable of hurting someone who really doesn't deserve it..

Species Information

Region of Origin


First (non-human) Appearance in Comic

Exchanges: Part V, page 27 (Gabe)

Gabe is currently the only Angel seen in Skin deep.

Powers and abilities[]

In seems Angels, or at least Gabe, have access to a kind of extra dimensional storage space, allowing them to retrieve/create a weapon from nowhere.

Angels are invisible to the Bugbear Radar sense.

Gabe has demonstrated the ability to glow creating enough light to see by in underground cave.

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