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Alec Orville Hyde is a Bugbear currently living in the Liverpool Avalon. He keeps guard in the hallways around the Avalon to scare off any unsuspecting humans from entering, though this is volunteer work, while his actual job is running a music store. He likes spiders, skeletons, and Batman. He is the founder of the band The Boney Kings of Nowhere.

Alec claims that Bugbears invented both Halloween and the idea of werewolves, however Ike Sanford suggests Bugbears like to claim responsibility for most spooky things in the world.

While Alec is quick to mock, get on peoples nerves or scare them, he has maintained a friendship with his band mates.

Alec Hyde was originally created by Sheana Molloy.

Alec is ambidextrous and owns two Irish wolfhounds called Ivor and Igor. His father is Orville Hyde, no mother is mentioned and it likely he raised Alec alone, as is bugbear tradition.

Alec's Medallion is in the shape of spider


  • His surname possibly refers to the story of Jekyll and Hyde.